Monday, January 22, 2018

Big winged Demon number 1

This plastic Games Workshop Demon is one of two that will be 'Count as' units for my Kings of War Varangur Army. His skin is basically three colours with a little dark tone wash. Black Primed, German Grey, Luftwaffe Uniform (a very blueish grey colour) and London Grey (a light grey)...all Vallejo paints.
He sits on a 50mm square base with Rocks from my garden. Super gluing his feet to the stones was probably the most difficult aspect of this miniature but generally speaking painting this dude was probably quicker than some 28mm detailed infantry with more colours. Behind you can see the Varangur army starting to grow with the previously completed 'Sons of Korgan' units.
I submitted this big Winged Demon to Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge bonus theme round 'Flight'.

Cheers from Brendon

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sons of Korgan for Kings of War

This is the second unit of Sons of Korgan for my Varangur Army for Kings of War. Just like the first unit these are old GW plastic Chaos Warriors. Some are from my very old Chaos Warhammer army and some are new purchases from Facebook. The unit tray is Mantic plastic with sand and some rocks from my yard. I should have enough to create another unit in the future but I may need to get some more Mantic unit trays into my hobby stocks. I managed to get these submitted to the Analogue Hobbies Paint challenge number 8 just prior to flying out to Bali for an amazing Holiday. Been back for a few days now but having typical back to work and routine adjustment problems. I am yet to pick up a brush! This is not a travel blog but I had a great time in Bali and went to some places I had not yet explored. If you want to see some of what I saw there I have an Instagram account (the_brendonius).

Cheers from Brendon

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sons of Korgan with two handed weapons

For my Varangur Kings of War Army here is a Regiment of old Games Workshop plastic Warhammer Chaos Warriors.
Some of these old miniatures have had a do-over while others are from a recent Facebook purchase so some had a total new paint job and build. The ones I painted a long time ago I wasn't that satisfied with them so it was good to have them revived back to life. I had to remove most from the singular basing as well to get them on one Multibase. The base is a Mantic plastic unit base.
My painting time on these was rather quick compared to historical miniatures. Detail can get lost among the unit and so can simple mistakes so less care is needed perhaps. The detail is fairly bold as well as the scale is Heroic.....large hands, large feet, small heads and super huge weapons.
I broke from tradition and placed the converted unit standard at the back of the unit. I completed another unit as well and will post that in the future.

Cheers from Brendon

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Varangur Fallen Kings of War

Made further progress in completing this unit of Varangur Fallen. I should get this completed before the Painting Challenge begins in Dec 2017. I have also started prepping the old Chaos warriors in my collection. I managed to acquire some more via Facebook. These will be for Sons of Korgan units. The new acquisitions will be re-painted and the old ones need some attention as well. I painted many ofthem with a purple colour that I must have liked back in the day. I will get rid of this colour by painting it black or metal. This will not be a bright coloured army at all.

Cheers from Brendon